Taxation and Investment Education Update

Ryan Roloff |

Wanted to provide everyone with an update on my current educational endeavors.  As many of you know, I am still dealing with a lot of issues with my father - we recently ended up in LA for 17 days in the UCLA hospital (a LONG story), and we had delayed our start for offering tax preparation services - but I am working on making myself a better financial advisor for you.

I recently finished my 6th class in the University of Cincinnati Masters of Science in Taxation program.  With the distractions, I've had a few A-'s and am currently carrying a 3.834 GPA.  The total program is 15 classes - so I am likely not going to finish up until spring or summer of 2023 now.  However, I have completed both Individual Taxation classes and IRS Practice and Procedure, as well as 2 Corporate Tax classes and a State & Local Taxation class.  The plan is to complete my IRS Enrolled Agent or Licensed Tax Preparer class this fall and be ready to assist clients in tax filing for 2022.  In the meantime - we are certainly well prepared for giving tax advice in areas such as Estate Tax Planning, Roth conversion strategies, RMD planning, Medicare IRMAA planning and much more.  We can also review your tax filings for accuracy and potential missed opportunities.  

In addition, to make sure I am not ignoring the most important part of my service to you - investment management - I enrolled in the Academy of Certified Portfolio Managers credential program (CPM®). This credential incorporates 55 eLearning modules covering the following topic areas: Corporate Finance, Derivatives, Equity, Financial Statement Analysis, Fixed Income, Foreign Exchange and Quantitative Methods. After all 55 of these modules are passed with an 80% or higher test score, a 1-week residential program at Columbia University taught by Columbia professors and industry experts.  A final cumulative exam must be passed, and then the Certified Portfolio Designation is awarded.