The full Certified Portfolio Manager curriculum I just finished

Ryan Roloff |

Here is the list of courses I completed for the CPM credential (which is pending an NYU program now rescheduled for September):


1. Code of Ethics

 ACPM Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct


2. Financial Advisory

 Introduction to Asset Management

 Investing in Bonds

 Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities

 Investing in Equity

 Investing in Money Market Instruments

 Exchange-Traded Funds

 Exchange-Traded Funds - Types

 Liquidity Risk

 Equity Risk

 Introduction to Performance Measurement

 Separately Managed Accounts

 ESG Investing

3. Financial Technology


 Blockchain Technology in the Capital Markets
 Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies
4. Equity
 Introduction to Equity Valuation
 Equity Valuation - FCFF Model
 The Dividend Discount Model
 Introduction to Economic Profit
 Calculating Economic Profit
 Technical Analysis
5. Derivatives
 Introduction to Options
 Introduction to Forwards and Futures
 Introduction to Swaps
 Interest Rate Swaps
 Currency Swaps
6. Foreign Exchange
 Introduction to Foreign Exchange
 Forward Foreign Exchange
 Hedging Currency Risk with Derivatives


7. Financial Statement Analysis
 The Balance Sheet
 Liabilities and Equity 
 Current Assets
 Long-Term Assets
 The Income Statement
 Income Statement Analysis
 Cash Flow Statement
 Cash Flow Analysis
 Working Capital
 Ratio Analysis
8. Corporate Finance
 Introduction to Corporate Finance
 Capital Asset Pricing Model
 Cost of Capital
 Introduction to Capital Budgeting
 Capital Budgeting - Deriving the Cash Flows 
 Capital Structure
 Dividend Policy
9. Quantitative Methods
 Time Value of Money
 Understanding Uncertainty
 Data Analysis
 Portfolio Diversification
 Value of Risk
 Introduction to Monte Carlo Simulation and VAR
 Smart Beta and Factor Modeling
 Fundamentals of Economic Indicators