Exciting Changes

Ryan Roloff |

There are a lot of exciting changes going on – and we wanted to update you on some of the things you will be seeing in the coming months.

First of all, our broker-dealer, Girard Securities, has made the decision, with advisor support, to merge into one of our “sister” companies, Cetera Advisor Networks.  This is scheduled to occur on November 1, 2017.  There will be quite a few changes/improvements to technology and resources behind the scenes – but the one major change for clients will be our clearing firm or custodian.  For any clients that hold accounts with NFS/Fidelity Clearing, these accounts will be moving over to Pershing, a division of Bank of New York Mellon, on or around November 1.  The move will occur seamlessly unless you opt out of the change (in which case you can no longer work with our office), and will have no cost to you.  However, any clients with fee-based advisory accounts (GAMA accounts) will need to sign new fee and risk tolerance agreements.  We will be working to get these all taken care of before November 1.  There is a slight difference in the way fees are calculated (Cetera uses a separate “program” fee and “advisor” fee), so it is not as simple as just keeping the same fee, though that is the intention.  Ryan will answer questions about how this works.

Second, we have moved offices.  While we had been looking at moving around the end of the year, with the pending merger, we decided to get this out of the way.  As of Monday, September 11, we are now located at 7780 N. Fresno St., Ste 101, Fresno, CA 93720.  This is the Southeast corner of Fresno & Nees (see enclosed map).  While we have lost our mountain view, we have significantly more space, now all to ourselves.  We hope you will be able to visit us soon. 

Along with the move, we have decided to change our company name from Roloff Wealth Management, Inc. to Roloff Retirement Solutions, Inc.  While we still offer comprehensive wealth management, we felt this name more closely aligns with the focus on retirement planning, investing, Social Security and Medicare that our firm has taken.  All of our old email addresses and web addresses will continue to work, but our published domain name going forward will be www.roloffrs.com.  While we are refreshing all of our materials and sites – it is a lot of work and you may see some things still displaying the old name and/or address for a period of time. 

Finally, we have hired a new employee, Sheila Stenberg.  Those of you that have visited the office on Palm may recognize her as she previously worked as the receptionist for Executive Suites.  She is fairly new to Fresno, having moved here from Alaska, and has a background in accounting and administration.  You can read more about her on our website.

Thank you for your continued confidence in us, and please bear with us as we work through all of these changes.



Ryan R Roloff