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Our Ideal Client

  • Is a financial delegator; desires that we manage their money with minimal ongoing decision-making.
  • Has a goal of where they would like to be, and realizes they will only get there if they plan.
  • Is willing to follow and implement our advice.
  • Desires the freedom that come from having a primary, trusted advisor.
  • Values the work we do & realizes our planning & service are worth a reasonable fee.
  • Believes they should not have to pay excessive fees for high quality advice.
  • Allows us into their lives, both financially and personally, so that we can tailor a plan to their unique situation.
  • Wants us to tell them the truth, not what they want to hear.
  • Realizes that if they have been blessed financially, they have a responsibility to give something back.
  • Has either already accumulated $250,000 in investable assets, or is willing to commit to the steps necessary to get there.
  • Because they care about their friends and family, is willing to refer them to us if they could benefit from our services.